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Allergy Testing and Treatment

The Nextmune Allergy Testing and Treatment package is a great way of identifying which allergens your pet is sensitive to. To test for allergies, a blood sample is obtained from your pet and submitted to Nextmune. There, the sample will be tested for up to 92 common allergens in your area. This includes indoor and outdoor allergens as well as food proteins.

Results will be provided in the form of a booklet that will include specific treatment recommendations and dietary suggestions for your pet.

The formulated treatment set is an all-natural hypo-sensitization treatment that consists of microscopic concentrations of allergens that your pet is sensitive to. Treatment is offered as injections or oral drops which can both be administered in the comfort of your own home.

Hypo-sensitization therapy provides an effective and safe way of allowing the immune system to acclimate to allergens’ existence in the body. Therapy starts at a low dose that will slowly increase over time until the highest tolerable dose has been reached.

It can take up to 4-6 months to start seeing the results of hypo-sensitization therapy.