Scratchpay is a financial option that allows owners to receive a loan almost instantly.

*Note, the application for Scratch Pay does not affect your credit score.

How to apply:

  • Navigate to the ScratchPay link listed below.
  • Fill in the needed information for your pet.
  • Select the Animal Clinic of Pinckney from the list of participating clinics.
  • Fill in the needed personal information (income is based on a monthly basis).
  • Select one of the offered payment plan options.

After a plan has been selected and agreed to, the owner will submit their application to Scratch Pay. Once this process is completed, an email will be sent to the owner and the Animal Clinic of Pinckney detailing whether or not the owner was approved. At this time, the clinic is able to begin treatment on the pet. Owners then repay Scratch Pay following the payment plan that was agreed to. The entire process, from application to approval, only takes a few minutes.

Scratch Pay Application: