Behavioral Medicine

Behavioral problems can greatly impact all parts of your pet’s life. There are many things in a pet’s environment that can cause stress and anxiety which can manifest itself in behavioral or even physical symptoms. Signs that your pet could be under stress include:


  • Chewing
  • Destroying toys/furniture
  • Barking excessively
  • Having accidents in the house
  • Excessive drooling


  • Changes in mood
  • Urinating out of the litter box
  • Excessive grooming
  • Hiding/shyness
  • Vertical scratching

Knowing the cause of your pet’s stress can be fundamental in figuring out how to best approach their behavioral issues. Many pets can be stressed out by things such as loud noises (ex. Fireworks, vacuum cleaners, thunder, etc.), unfamiliar places or people, going to the vet, and more. Identifying what stresses your pet may allow for changes within the home and routine to help allow your pet to feel more calm and relaxed.

If lifestyle changes are not enough, then other methods include seeing your veterinarian or even using medications or supplements to treat behavioral issues. Sometimes even a referral to a behaviorist is necessary. There are also products like Zylkene, Composure, Adaptil, Feliway, and Nurture Calm. Adaptil, Feliway, and Nurture Calm are products that mimic pheromones produced by dogs and cats respectively that promote a sense of calm and safety. Zylkene is a supplement that uses natural ingredients to promote calmness in your pet. Composure is a more chemically oriented approach to promote calmness and anti-anxiety in pets.

If your pet appears to be suffering from stress or anxiety, feel free to contact us to see which plan of action could be best for them. Every animal is different which is why it is prudent to find the treatment plan that is right for them.