Chronic Pain Program

At Animal Clinic Of Pinckney, we dedicate our time and resources to keep your pets healthy. We see patients that struggle with joint pain and mobility issues everyday. We are constantly finding new ways to improve quality of life for these pets. We are very proud to announce our new pain management program. Although supplements and prescription diets maintain most of our pets without the use of chronic or daily pain medication, some patients need more. Chronic pain medications require monitoring to ensure these pharmaceuticals are not putting too much stress on the liver, kidneys or digestive tract. We know the longer we can keep your pet comfortable with a natural option, the longer you will have with your pet healthy and happy.

Animal Clinic Of Pinckney has created a pain program to help our clients recognise pain in their pets and treat that pain as naturally and safe as possible. Our patients in this program will have a personalized multimodal pain management plan.  We know that every patient and family has individual needs when it comes to medical treatment. We are confident with this program we can offer help to all of our animal companions and families.

Our first response to pain management is to evaluate nutrition and ensure the patient is at a healthy weight. An overweight patient with arthritis brings more challenges due to the extra stress on the joints and spine. Then we select the appropriate nutraceuticals, supplements and/or chinese herbs to decrease the inflammation, support cartilage and lubricate the affected joint(s). Animal Clinic Of Pinckney has a wide variety of supplements and herbs that are chosen on a case by case basis. Much like humans we know our patients may do better on one supplement than another.

Our number one goal is to keep our patients safe, healthy and happy. We will continue to dedicate our days to your pets’ well-being.  Thank you for entrusting us to care for your fur baby. Please feel free to call us anytime.

Spread the word! Tell your friends and family! Animal Clinic of Pinckney is taking pain seriously!