Clay Paw Prints

Creating memories with your pet is one of the most wonderful aspects of having them in your life. Pictures are a very common and personal way of remembering valuable moments with your fuzzy companion. The Animal Clinic of Pinckney also provides another option for memorializing your pet at any stage of life. Clay paw prints are a beautiful way of commemorating your pet no matter what age.

Paw prints can be a great way of remembering the time when your pet was first welcomed into your family. Getting a clay paw print made for your puppy or kitten provides a way to remember them as a young, rambunctious ball of energy. Getting clay paw prints can also be a fun way of watching and remembering your dog or cat’s growing up process and keeping track of them every step along the way.

Getting a clay paw print of your pet can also be a wonderful way to remember them as they say goodbye and cross the Rainbow Bridge. It is never easy to say goodbye but is a necessary part of life. These beautifully and compassionately done prints can be a reminder and memorial to one of your very best friends.

If you are interested in getting a clay paw print for your dog or cat at any stage of their lives, please call for more information.