Fecal Testing

Annual fecal testing is highly recommended for a variety of reasons. Your pet’s stool says a lot about their overall health and well being. The consistency as well as the color can tell you if your pet is getting too much, too little, or just the right amount of certain nutrients in their diet. Additionally, having your pet’s stool tested can alert you to any parasites that may be greatly impacting the health of your furry friend. You can contract many of the parasites that your pet might be carrying. So remember, just because you are not seeing the common “rice-like” objects coming from your pet’s rear end does not mean they are not infected with an intestinal parasite. When fecal samples are run, parasite eggs are often what are found as opposed to the fully grown parasites themselves. Some parasites are microscopic and would be impossible to diagnose without a fecal sample being tested. Intestinal parasites can be picked up in any environment. Be sure to bring a fecal sample to your next exam or call today.