Pain Management

Our pets feel pain just like we do and it is our job as their caretakers to ensure that they get the proper pain management they need and deserve. Many physical conditions as well as ailments can cause pets discomfort and pain which we take very seriously at Animal Clinic of Pinckney.

Pets can experience pain as a result of many causes such as treatments and procedures to injuries or illnesses. Managing their pain and discomfort plays a vital role in the healing process. Methods of pain management can include the use of laser treatments, supplements such as Dasuquin and Flexadin, or even NSAIDs like VetProfen. With the use of NSAIDs, blood work is required to ensure that organs are not being damaged as a result of the use of this particular class of drugs. Weight management can also play a key role in helping with pain.

Pain management is a broad area with many possible causes and treatments. The trained professionals at the Animal Clinic of Pinckney are dedicated to finding the right pain treatment for your pet and their needs. Every case and animal is different and should be treated as such.