Radiology (X-rays)

The use of radiology in veterinary medicine can be vital in diagnosing various ailments and injuries. We at the Animal Clinic of Pinckney use state of the art radiology tools to provide great care for our patients.

A radiograph (or an x-ray) gives a detailed image of the inside of the body and can help doctors identify sources of many issues that may be experienced by pets. This is an important tool because not all ailments and injuries can be see on the outside of a pet’s body. Radiographs can be used to evaluate the condition of most organs including the heart, lungs, and stomach as well as bones.

The use of radiographs is a painless and safe practice. Very low doses of radiation are used in radiology which allows for it to be used on pregnant females as well as younger patients as well. While radiology is commonly thought to be used to determine the condition of bones, it can also be used to evaluate the health of organs based on their size, shape, and position within the body. Various diseases (such as liver, kidney, and heart disease) can cause the organs to enlarge. The shape and/or position of the organs may be altered by obstructions within the body such as tumors or foreign bodies. Radiographs can also be used in the diagnosis of bladder stones, arthritis, some spinal cord diseases, and more.

Our staff has been trained on how to properly and safely radiograph your pet. They will use the most compassionate care and knowledge to properly assist in using this diagnostic tool for your pet.