Wellness Exams

Much like getting a physical every year is important to keep humans as healthy as possible, getting an annual wellness exam for your cat or dog is vital to providing them with the best possible life. No matter what age your pet is, whether they are babies or seniors, routine veterinary care is important to keep them happy and healthy. Wellness exams allow for our doctor to get to know and understand your pet as they are so they can tell when something may not be quite right in the future.

During a wellness exam, the doctor will examine all aspects of your pet’s health including their eating habits exercise and behavioral habits, dental care that is done at home, and many other aspects of your pet’s day to day lifestyle. Looking at these and other aspects of your pet’s life also helps our doctor to make recommendations for anything that may benefit the life of your dog or cat.

Wellness exams are a great time to ask questions. These exams are a time to discuss with the doctor any concerns you have or questions that have popped up between visits.  No question is too small to answer. This exam provides you with an opportunity to better understand and have a role in the health and overall well being of your pet.

The final reason wellness exams are so important is because it allows you and your pet a chance to establish a relationship with your veterinarian. This time gives you both a chance to get to know the doctor and the other staff members that will be working with your pet. Establishing these relationships is important and can make coming to the vet a much less stressful event for you and your pet. Call us today to schedule your pet’s next wellness exam! We look forward to seeing you soon!